Albion Chat Quotes

Gunlinetastic: my army aint cheesy

NightKnight is playing with his wood
Lethalis: Henke; oi now, little kids are here
NightKnight: It won't work :(

DeMysteriis: The... dildo of swift penentration?
Aryel: DeM: what, do you think you came to place full of mature and intelligent people?
Aryel: silly person :P

Loran: Time to play around with Sephi
Lethalis: who's Sephi?
Loran: My pet snake
Lethalis: oh, so that's what you call it nowadays

Hyarion: how were classes?
Nagathi: long
Nagathi: too long
Hyarion: don't i know it
Hyarion: i used to study for my stats class by counting how many people fell asleep in my physics class and at what times
Hyarion: the bad part of that is that i didn't get any stats on the days when i fell asleep
Hyarion: the good part is that i got an A in prob/stats

Lyhne: Practices makes perfect
Lyhne: And nobody else volunteered
Lethalis: erm, I didn't volunteer either :P
Hyarion: OH! ok, i thought it was just me
Hyarion shushes
Lyhne: Lethalis, nope, I did that for you
Lethalis: now that's service, no?
Lyhne: You're paying for it, aren't you?
Hyarion needs a "Silas made me think it" badge...

ratpor has joined #Albion
Nagathi: Rat Porn!
Raptor: Rat invasion!
Nagathi goes to get the badges...

Giladis: *a trout catapult fires*
Giladis: SLAAAP
Giladis: right into Silas face
DeMysteriis: Now that's inventive
Silas: Thats erotic. Kinky is if you use a chicken

Hyarion: use /me
DreamCatcher says thanks
Hyarion: if you do it right, it'll be me thanking you

Hyarion: hmmm
Hyarion: I wonder if I can just reposition the legs
Nagathi: maybe
Nagathi: but he's rather stiff around the... groin
Hyarion: so is Tijminator, but that doesn't seem to stop him ;)

Silas: Sex?
Hyarion: never heard of it
Aryel: You never heard of sex? :P

*** Topic for #Albion is ?Welcome to the Tavern of Albion! | May Ward Chat on Friday 21:00 GMT!?
Silas: May Ward? Isnt it Matt Ward?
Eldacar has changed the topic to ?Welcome to the Tavern of Albion! | Matt Ward Chat on Friday 21:00 GMT!?
Eldacar: May Ward?
Eldacar: doesn't see a "May Ward"
Eldacar: You saw NOTHING!

Voodoomaster: but only when i am reallly joke
Voodoomaster: *drunk
Voodoomaster: how the hell did i manage that?
Voodoomaster: joke and drunk
Orcslicer: common typo

Eldacar fingers the kick button...
Leth: Eldy; sensual
Eldacar: Lenny: ?
Thrask: And kinky.
Thrask: Very kinky.
Leth: Eldy; I didn't know the kick button was female
Eldacar: Fuckers.

Eldacar: Are you all done playing with Channy's various functions?
Eldacar: Wait.
Eldacar rereads what he just wrote.
Eldacar: frig

Hyarion: does Silas work for GW?
NiteRabbit: No.
NiteRabbit: But he's pretty hardcore in that way.
Asuryan: lol
NiteRabbit: Like many people, he knows someone who knows someone, it's just that he happens to be right most of the time.
Aryel: what? he pays them with sexual favours for info?

Silas: How art thou Aryel?
Tijminator steals Aryel's art
Silas spanks Tijminator
Tijminator wants more
Tijminator gets more
Silas grins

Silas: sex?
Eldacar: Not with you.
aenarion: what?
Silas: Aww :(

Silas: I cant with Nagathi. He's my dad. Thats just wrong.
aenarion: omg
aenarion has a look of horror on his face

Aryel: My god, I go for sec and this turns into an orgy...

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