Angron is the owner of, and has been since May 2006. Before that, he was one of the two founders of the website, and it's for that reason that Warvault can often be seen as his site. Though Team Warvault has a somewhat revolving door when it comes to staff, Angron has always been involved in one way or another.

When Angron isn't busy lazing around and letting his staff do the hardest work while he goes and organises forums and get togethers and chats and other assorted communitarian things, he spends his time working in a library, of all things. The job basically revolves around greeting old people with a smile, reading books, designing leaflets and being a tea connoisseur. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

If you'd like to get in touch with Angron directly at all, try either the Albion channel, the Warvault contact page or Warhammer Realm. Failing that, grab his MSN from the forums and send him a message. Just make sure you say who you are, because at the time of going to press he has roughly 350 MSN contacts, and it's starting to get a little cluttered in there.

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