Elwood ran into Warvault about 2-3 months after the idea had been born. First called upon to do some 'here n' there' editing of the original Postnuke version of the Warvault Community site, he soon became one of the most vital and trusted members of Team Warvault, coding, editing and doing anything else that he could do, whilst also running his own site, The Warband, one of the best sites dedicated to WAR on the net..

Though he and Team Warvault have since parted ways, it is he who designed the layout that would become known was 'Warvault III'. His unique reimagining of the Warvault design led to a total overhaul of how the site itself worked, and his impact can still be felt in the more recent design changes. If you do appreciate his work, and Team Warvault certainly does, visit his new website, ElwoodDesign and see what's happening.

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