Nagathi was adopted by Angron sometime in the early 2006 when he needed help with coding some pages for the Warvault site. Nagathi helped out and he soon became one of the few Angron trust with server access. Nowadays, Nagathi does almost all of the coding and server work here on Warvault; the communities and pages it contains and this brand new design of the surrounding pages, whereas Angron is more focused on the promotion of Warvault and the relations between people and companies.

Nagathi works mostly on his own site,, but here he is the one responsible for software updates, getting the chat java applet to work as well as keeping the whole network safe and sound. Nagathi is also the owner and main operator of the intersite chat medium Albion. Whenever something on the site breaks, Angron comes to Nagathi in search of help.

Nagathi is really easy to get in touch with. You can always try the Albion chat room (link at the top), and if he is not there, you can send him a private message on any site on Warvault,,, Round Table of Bretonnia or just about anywhere. The safest bet is to e-mail him ( nagathi[at]warvault[dot]net or nagathi[at]asrai[dot]org ) or grab him on MSN or Skype.

Sadly, Nagathi retired from Warvault and the online community in May 2008. His input, advice and indeed his help will be greatly missed, but it is said that if you listen closely in the corridors of the Albion chat, you can still hear him berating Angron for breaking things...

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