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Warvault Interviews employ a technique commonly used in webchats, where two rooms are used. The Operators of the Interview reside in both the Public Room, and the Interview Room. While no one but the Operators and the interviewee are visible or can speak in the Interview room, anyone and everyone is able to talk in the public room. The reason for this system is simple; it would disrupt the interview with all the notifications about people joining and leaving the interview room. Also, through this system, we can screen questions as well as get similar questions asked after one another.

Therefore, on the Interview Portal, you firstly have two options; enter chat with Public Room, or without. If you choose "without public channel", you will only be able to see the interview, but will not be able to take part or actively discuss the interview with the participants. If you choose "with public channel", you will be able to actively involve yourself in the interview, being able to put questions to the Operators and discuss previous answers with other members of the 'audience'. Trying to send messages in the interview room will not work. Only you yourself will be able to see what you have sent to the channel. This is important to know if you have questions you want to ask the interview victim :o)

If nothing after the choice page is working for you, make sure your installation of Java is up to date ( and Java is enabled in your browser settings (look under "Security"). If you can't get it to work using Internet Explorer, try using Mozilla Firefox instead - or vice-versa!

Alternatively, you can use mIRC or any other IRC client and connect to the following rooms:

Interview Room (view only):
Channel: #Warvault

Public Room (moderated public chat):
Channel: #Warvault

When the interview begins, it is highly advisable that you message the Operators with your questions. This can be done by typing the following into your client;

/msg [replace with Operator's nick] [Replace with question]

Obviously, you will need to remove the square brackets from the above, as well as the sample text. So, a question sent to Angron would look like this;

/msg Angron Hi Graham; We've heard a lot about your upcoming Horus Heresy novel...

It really is as simple as that! Our crack team of Operators will then pass these questions on to the interviewee.

One thing we need to make clear in advance is that you cannot ask for rules clarifications unless the blurb of the interview expressedly says otherwise, as all that is now consolidated under Alessio Cavatore. Also, you cannot ask about GW business practices because that's not the field of any of our interviewees and would, frankly, only lead to trouble anyway.

If you can't make it, don't fear! We will always publish a full transcript of the chat shortly after the interview is over. And if you got questions, do not hesitate to send a mail to one of the Warvault Staff members. We're here to help and will be checking our mail inboxes before and during the interview.

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