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Welcome to the Interview index! It is in these inteviews the people of our many supporting communities get the chance to put one of the big bosses, head honchos or famous hobbyists from the headquarters of Games Workshop Ltd or the surrounding companies on the spot and question them until they surrender. These interviews is your chance to get to know the ones who produce the hobby and fiction around it. Don't miss the opportunity!

To your aid, we have a little Guide among the links above. Click it and you will be presented with some paragraphs about how to ask your questions and how to join the chatrooms. At first, the whole system can be a bit confusing, but after you have read through that guide you will know everything you need to know. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to Contact the Staff. We're here to help you.

Previous Interviews' Transcripts
In case you have missed one or more of our previous interview sessions, here are transcripts of what was said:

Steven Savile about Black Library and his books
Graham McNeill about Black Library and his books
Matthew Ward about the new Orcs & Goblins
Graham McNeill about the new Empire Armybook
Andy Chambers in the year of 2006