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To enter the interview, you need to first select a username to use. The nick cannot contain blank spaces or some special characters. If your desired nickname is unavailible, you will be renamed to "Anon???" and have the option to change once the applet has loaded. Try picking a nickname that is easilly recognised by others. And no offensive nicknames, of course.

In addition, we have two different options for you here. You can either goto the page with two rooms; one for the interview with our interviewee and one with the public chat and discussion - or you can choose to enter only the room with the actual interview with no option to ask questions of your own. This is all explained in better detail in the guide.



For those wishing to use an external IRC client (such as mIRC or Xchat or Irssi), the interview room is: #Warvault on
The public chat channel is: #Warvault on

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