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During the chat interviews, it is important that things go smooth and without nasty surprises. We are allowed to use some of our interviewee's precious time to put them in the spotlight and cross exam them. They have the right to say no to us, and the right to leave at any time. If we do not behave properly, it will be very hard for us to get another interviewee to put up with us.

For that reason, we have constructed the dual-room system for screening questions and possible GW-bashing from unexpected members. There is one room with a group of Warvault Operators and the chat interviewee (referred to as the "interview room/channel") and one room for public chat (referred to as the "public room/channel") and where you ask the questions to the operators. How to do that is explained in the Guide & How To.

For the public channel, there are some rules that applies. Some rules are pretty obvious, while others are specific for the chat interviews. Here's the little list:

• No flaming or other insulting behaviour towards other members in the chatroom or the chat interviewee
• No spamming (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages)
• No whine or insults towards the companies who produce the hobby for us
• No asking of rule clarifications, unless it is noted in the chat advert
• No asking of Games Workshop business practices
• No cyber-stalking, discussion about politics, sexuality or religion
• Operators reserve the full right to interpret these rules as they see fit on an case-to-case basis.

Failure to comply with any of the above stated rules will result in a kick or ban of the people who violated them. Simply put, behave or be gone.

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