The World of Dark Age:

An abandoned planet, a ruined world, a place where few still remember...

The world of Dark Age is a world of contradiction. Plasma rifles meet crossbows, laser torches meet horse-drawn ploughs, and future philosophy meets ancient religion. The inhabitants of our world all share one simple trait, the instinct for survival at any cost:

A politician’s church ruling long abandoned humans with an iron fist.
Self-proclaimed demigods thrusting humanity forward with ancient technology.
An alien race, battling dishonor through warriors’ eyes, defending their adopted home.
Mutated barbarians, thirsting for revenge against those who forsook them.
Vat-spawned nightmares created by a perversion of the evolutionary principle and unleashed by an insane mother.
And there are others, humanity’s sins risen up against them, an angel fallen through scientific pride, even more secrets held close by a merciless world.

Welcome to Samaria.

About Dark Age:

The game of Dark Age is taking the modelling world by storm. Thought up by the renowned fantasy artist Brom, and using much of his almost fetish-like artwork as inspiration, the battle for Samaria couldn’t actually be any more impressive looking.

There are currently four factions fighting for the world of contradiction;
The human Forsaken, lashed beneath the whip of religion and their warrior saints.
The newly discovered Dragyri, a race found beneath Forsaken territory, and who are now fighting to protect what is theirs.
The outcast Skarrd, vicious mutants eager to destroy the civilisation that ignored them.
And the horrifying Brood, sent forth to way by their mother Helexa.

With some of the most fantastic miniatures on release at the moment in any genre, along with a fantastically dynamic gaming system and a wonderfully helpful and devoted team, Dark Age is a must for fans of the tabletop gaming hobby.

A Note From the Team:

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