Founding in December 2000, Privateer Press was born of three game industry veterans; Matt Staroscik and Matt Wilson, two of the creative minds behind the Legend of the Five Rings card game, and Brian Snoddy, an artist loved by the gaming fans for many years. Their goal was simple; to make the best fantasy gaming material around. And boy, did they achieve it!

The Iron Kingdoms were born, where steam power sits comfortably next to magic and sorcery. These two unlikely bedfellows intertwined to make one of the most compelling worlds ever seen in the fantasy genre, and their depth only continues to grow.

Award winning, ever expanding and effortlessly successful, there's a pretty obvious reason why Privateer Press are one of the most successful and well known gaming and miniature companies out there!


Warmachines feral twin, Hordes takes place far beyond the human lands in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms where a secret war is being fought for the future of the entire world. Huge creatures known as Warbeasts  tear each other limb from limb at the bidding of their Warlock masters, who can command the elements themselves to blast their enemies apart.

These Warbeasts range from the  proud Trollbloods and the secretive Circe of Orboros to the evil Legion of Everblight and the all conquering Skorne. Each side fights for its own cause  yet that cause is intricately linked to the balance of the natural order and the survival of all living things in the Iron Kingdoms.

The setting of both Hordes and Warmachine, the Iron Kingdoms are lands wracked by war and political intrege. Massive steam powered 'jacks walk through the streets along side humans and a myriad other races; from the small and mechanikally minded Gobbers , to the large and powerful Ogrun.

Where Warmachine sees warbands of Warjacks and warcasters engage in mechanical combat, and Hordes witnesses the bloody feud of the wild, Iron Kingdoms shows a different side to the world of metal and magic; the world of the individual.

The game of machines and metal. In Warmachine the player take command of massive Warjacks, magical robot like machines powered by steam and controlled by Warcasters, skilled and powerful sorcerers and wizards.

These Warcasters not only command the loyalty of their machines, but also large numbers of human and not so human soldiers, from the Stormblades of Cygnar to the zombie pirates of Cryx. In the name of their various factions, mighty armies of Warjacks and their Warcasters smash each other into scrap metal.

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