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I worked in the tabletop games industry for some 14 years at Games Workshop developing game rules and background for Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer fantasy battles. In 2004 I started to work freelance and set up the Red Star Games site as a place to discuss projects I was working on and generally keep in touch with those who had enjoyed my efforts in the past. I'm now working in the video games field for Blizzard Entertainment in the USA, so the old RSG site is more of a milestone for posterity than anything else. I still post there from time to time when I have news and there may be some nuggets of information if you really enjoy sifting for them. In my opinion the best thing about the site is how it looks courtesy of the hard work of Bill 'Snotter' Bird at 2B design, Marshall and my wife Jessica.

~Andy Chambers, February 2006

The Hive World of Necromunda is a dark place to live. From the high reaching spires of the upper classes, to the lowest hovels of the underhive, corruption is ripe. Enter the world where gang rule is grittier and bloodier than even the darkest imagination could fathom. Enter the world that Mad Donna relishes.

An ex-aristocrat with an insane penchant for violence, Mad Donna is a one eyed psycho bitch gone wrong. With a manic grin and a bloody chainsaw, she wreaks havoc from the top to the very bottom of the world they call Necromunda.


When Mongoose Publishing set out to make rules for a tabletop version of the much loved storyline Starship Troopers, hype was rife. And when Mongoose released that Andy was working with them to design the rules for such a system, support spread like wildfire.

Heavily based on the CGI series 'Roughnecks', the Mongoose Starship Troopers system follows the MI (in the powersuits from the series), the arachnids (in their ever aesthetically creepy form), and the skinnies. One of the best systems released today, with quality miniatures and a great backstory.

Would you like to know more?

Based on George RR Martin's 'The Game of Thrones', the first novel in his reknowned 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series, Andy worked on rules for a tabletop fantasy skirmish game. The system set out to have each opposing side using 5-20 minis, where collectors would create their very own warband or raiding party.

This particular Projekt sees its release date sometime in 2006, so if you hang in long enough, then perhaps you too will be able to lead a victorious group of heroes across the scarred lands of RR Martin's imagination. Effortlessly superior in its portrayal of gritty realism in a fantasy realm, The Game of Thrones is the place to look if you want to really experience what life would be like in a realm of sorcery.


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